Kore Strategies was started in 2011 by me, Kory Kapaloski. The company was started after I spent over a decade working in SEO, Web Marketing and Web Development, SEO and PPC Management. I spent several years working for another larger company, Simple Solutions as their lead SEO and PPC analyst where I gained significant experience working with a wide range of clients in various industries. We had everything from large enterprise E Commerce companies to small, local mom and pop operations and everything in between. Prior to that my experience was drawn from the outdoor industry where I started and ran a fly shop for 7 years where I was responsible for everything related to Web Marketing and Development. To this day, I still work with many clients in the outdoor industry and remain a passionate fly fisherman doing my best to get on the water as much as possible. After leaving Simple Solutions to become a stay at home dad when my daughter was born, I continued to work with a handful of smaller clients that I still work with today. That group of clients has steadily grown over the years and become my primary career and I now work with dozens of clients in a variety of industries assisting them with all of their Web Marketing and Development needs.

Drawing from my own experience managing a small business, I realized that there are many technological needs that a small business does not have staff to handle. Because of this, business managers and owners are forced to figure things out themselves or hire larger firms that are overkill for their needs. This need created a niche that I have tried to fill with my business. I specialize in assisting small to medium sized businesses with everything related to the internet and technology. My team and I handle everything from full website design and builds to email configuration and setup and everything in between. No job is too small, so if you are looking for assistance in your business related to Web Marketing and Development, reach out and request a consultation.