OceanWP Quickview Requires Product Image

I was recently working on a site with WooCommerce and the OceanWP theme. Some of the newer products we added didn’t have the Quickview option when you would mouseover. I had revised some CSS rules so that the display was different and thought it might be that, but it was not. I dug around and looked at various options and though maybe it was a caching issue or possibly javascript conflict or something else. Eventually I dug into the source code and realized that the products that this didn’t work for were products that didn’t have a featured image set. It was hard to figure that out because this site has a custom placeholder that looks exactly like the product image we use when we don’t have a product which was done for other functionality reasons. Ultimately I realized that these products didn’t have the featured image set and when I set them, the Quickview worked problem solved.